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    When you have completed your answer booklet above please click the submit button ONCE to send your answers to us. If you have provided us with a valid email address you will receive confirmation of your answer book being accepted. Remember to enter your team name for each answer sheet.

    1. A minimum of 1 Charlesland Member per Team of 4 – Semi-Open Format
    2. Entry fee of €10 per player for 5 Rounds of April competition
    3. Nominated Team Capt registers Team on Website and pays Team Entry Fee of €40
    4. Team Captain alone, is responsible for all communication with the Organisers
    5. Entry opens 12.00 midday, Thursday 2nd April
    6. Link to each Round, 10 Questions, included in Thursday’s Newsletter
    7. Answers to be submitted online each following Monday before 12.00 midday
    8. Correct Answers and Results each following Thursday
    9. To be played in the spirit of Golf, honesty
    10. Any cheating and breaking of the rules will result in Team disqualification
    11. Normal countback Rules will apply in the event of a Tie
    12. Judges decision is final

    This is not a Pub / Table Quiz and will need much work, research and discussions to arrive at correct answers.